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Welcome  to this web site on behalf of the members of Mayo Mountain Church, a congregation of passionate believers located in the foothills of Patrick County, Virginia.  Click here to watch our service live. Information about weekly worship services, Bible study, and ministry opportunities are available on this site. We hope you will come visit one of our weekly worship services soon and believe that you will find Mayo Mountain a great place to worship with your family and community. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE TO BE A DYNAMIC SPIRITUAL ORGANISM EMPOWERED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT TO SHARE CHRIST WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE IN OUR CHURCH, COMMUNITY AND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. TO BE A WORSHIPING FELLOWSHIP, EXPERIENCING AN AWARENESS OF GOD, RECOGNIZING HIS PERSON, AND RESPONDING IN OBEDIENCE TO HIS LEADERSHIP. TO EXPERIENCE AN INCREASING MEANINGFUL FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD AND FELLOW BELIEVERS. TO HELP PEOPLE EXPERIENCE A GROWING KNOWLEDGE OF GOD AND MAN, TO BE A CHURCH THAT MINIS

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