Sunday School 

begins at 10:00 am and includes classes for all ages.

Morning Worship 

begins at 10:45 am, lead by Pastor David and the Music Ministry.

Children's Church

After Worship, Parents are encouraged to send their 0-3 and 3-6 year olds to their respective Children's Church classes. 


                             WEDNESDAY MINISTRIES

Come To The Table 5:30 pm

A Christ Centered Twelve Step Program: In each session, out spiritual awareness will be based on biblical principles which emphasize spiritual growth in Christ as the means to ongoing freedom from life-controlling problems.

Bible Study 7:00 pm
lead by Pastor David

Youth Outreach  7:00 pm

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Mayo Mountain Church seeks to equip, empower and raise up those who have been gifted by God with musical abilities and exist for three reasons:


We seek to glorify God to the fullest and worship Him in spirit and truth.


With the musical abilities God has given us, we seek to build the body of Christ and lead others into God’s magnificent presence.


We seek to aid our pastor in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. Our desire is to see the praises of our God lifted up throughout all the earth and throughout all generations.

“I will praise you Lord with all my heart” Psalm 9:1

Bus Ministry: 

Call the night before the ride is needed 

Anthony Johnson (276-694-7186)

 CD Ministry: 

If you would like a CD 

 Let Walter Spence know, and he will get one to you.
 Contact at:
 May God Keep Blessing You!

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